Basics of Sic Bo: Knowing Gameplay Rules, Betting & Payout

Sic Bo is a fun dice-casino game that originated in China. And because of its easy gaming with high chances of jackpots, it produced a European variant called Grand Hazard.

Yes, Sic Bo is a favorite Asian and Western game⁠—the reason why W88 also adopted this great game!

Basics of Sic Bo: Knowing Gameplay Rules, Betting, and Payout

To best explain Sic Bo’s rules and what-so-stuff, keep on reading this brief gameplay guide to know the basics that every W88 wager must learn about the game.

Easy-to-Learn W88 Sic Bo Gameplay

Although Sic Bo implicitly means two dice, the game is actually played with three-pieces of dice.

In W88 Sic Bo, the players must put their bets first. Then, the three dice are shaken in a container. The result of the dices when the shake stops is the outcome of the game.

So yes, basically, the main objective of the W88 Sic Bo gameplay is to predict the value of the dices.

And the process goes by placing bets, then dice shaking, and when it stops, you must determine the outcome to win the betting game.

Betting and Payout at W88 Sic Bo

W88 Sic Bo has lots of betting choices! It has small and big bets, odd and even bets, single number bets, and combination bets.

Basics of Sic Bo: Knowing Gameplay Rules, Betting, and Payout

The small bets range from numbers 4 to 10 and big bets from 11 to 17. The odd bets refer to the three-dice combination belonging to the odd group of numbers; even bets when falling to even number group.

Single bets are the numbers below the table, labeled as One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six. To win here, you must come up with the number you chose in one out of three number of dices.

For the specific number combination bets, it must consist in two of the three dices. To know more about these gaming bets, look at this W88 Sic Bo table below.

Sic Bo BetsDice Values
Small Bets4 to 10 values
Big Bets11 to 17 values
Two-Dice Combination BetsTotal value of two out of the three dice
Single-Number BetsValue of one out of the three dice
Double BetsTwo dice with your two selected numbers
Triple BetsTwo dice with your three selected numbers
Any Triple BetsThree dice with the three, same number value
Specific total BetsPredict the total value of the three dice

Now that you know the betting gaming in W88 Sic Bo, you must be interested in the payout table to know your odds in winning. Well, W88you got them for you!

Sic Bo BetsPayout
Small Bets1:1
Big Bets1:1
Odd Bets1:1
Even Bets1:1
Double Bets8:1
Triple Bets150:1
4 & 1750:1
5 & 1618:1
6 & 1514:1
7 & 1412:1
8 & 138:1
9, 10, 11, 126:1
Dice Combination Bets5:1

Gotta Live for W88 Sic Bo

Sic Bo is three dice with three times the fun! The table might seem complicated and overwhelming at first, but if you learn and take your time understanding the game, it would be a very easy betting game for you! So go on, try Sic Bo at W88 now!

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