Best Online Sportsbooks in Malaysia 2020 – Latest & Updated

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Sports enthusiasts, whether physical sports or electronic sports fans, would definitely know the thrilling experience when it comes to betting on their favorite teams competing with the other groups. Who would not have fun seeing your beloved team win while making lots of cha-chings? Sportsbook bettings are such lucky and easy wins!

Gratefully living in a modern generation, avid sports frequenters and sports fans could already place a bet right on their screens. Logging in a sportsbook website, you could see the full statistics of the team you wish to bet on (that is basically just the same in the traditional gambling). Thus, maximize the casino and gaming experience despite the physical distance.

Top 3 Online Sportsbooks in Malaysia 2020

With hundreds or thousands of online sportsbooks across the world, players might be overwhelmed on what specific website to visit. But don’t you worry because our team got this covered for you! If you are looking for the best-rated sportsbook websites that Malaysian bettors would enjoy for sure, just keep reading!

1. W88 Sportsbook

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Top 3 Online Sportsbooks To Visit - For Football Fans


W88, Malaysia’s top-tier sports betting platform, has become one of the most popular sportsbooks all over the world. To be a pretty big brand of the greatest live casinos and slot games in Asia, as well as to be the official betting partner of different sports teams around the globe, W88 has taken the real and online world by storm.

W88 offers a variety of in-play sports (such as football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, rugby, cricket, golf, and more) that every sports player can wage on. Its easy, straightforward, and functional interface is also the reason why sports fans go back and forth to this website. Plus, W88 members can select from three different sportsbooks: Asian, American, or European odds of their choice.

The best thing about W88 Sportsbooks is its generous daily, weekly, and monthly promotions. Here at W88, there are sports weekly cash rebates and e-sports daily reloads that would make every bettor hooked up with the in-play betting experience. What is also nice in signing up at W88 is that beginners receive welcome bonuses where they can claim these rewards before placing wagers on their team choice.

Top 3 Online Sportsbooks To Visit - For Football Fans


There is no doubt that W88 is one of the best online sportsbooks in the world. However, no one is perfect. Yes, even websites have flaws. As for W88, it’s weakness would be the free bet promotions.

The free bets in W88 require a certain deposit before getting the free bonuses. Although it looks like an investment because players would use their money anyway, players should get this reward for free without the need to put out money. After all, it is called “free bets”, right?

Another disadvantage of W88 must be the dealers in its Live Casino. Club W Gold has real dealers while Club W Grand and Club W Premium do not. These two, the Club W Grand and Club W Premium, have virtual dealers temporarily since the global COVID-19 pandemic happened.

2. M88 Sportsbook

Top 3 Online Sportsbooks To Visit - For Football Fans


M88, also called Mansion88, is another outstanding online casino and sports betting platform in Malaysia and for the rest of the world. This is one of the biggest gaming companies but is more focused on Asia. As the best betting platform in the continent, it hosts lots of live casinos, slot games, poker, and of course, sports bettings.

Most of the players visit M88 because of its multiple yet easy-to-navigate sportsbook platforms. The website’s format and interface are simple and direct, so anyone could understand the ins and outs easily. M88 allows players to bet on their favorite teams in a series of odds, such as Malay odds, Indonesian odds, Hongkong odds, American odds, and Decimal odds.

M88’s sportsbook features corresponding sportsbook promotions for avid sports frequenters that would attract you to play more. M88 just has so much to offer. It has a 100% sign-up bonus, monthly rewards, seasonal promotions, rebates, and more, more bonuses that are up for grabs by sportsbook enthusiasts.

Top 3 Online Sportsbooks To Visit - For Football Fans


The only weakness of M88? It does not give out free bet promotions. Free bets are offered as essential promos by most betting sites without the need to risk the players’ money. It acts as a reward for users who are supporting the sportsbooks avidly.

Since M88 does not have many free rewards, users might not be that engaged in the website because bettors usually look for online gaming operators where they can enjoy the play and its experience at the same time.

3. Bet 365 Sportsbook

Top 3 Online Sportsbooks To Visit - For Football Fans


And last, but not the least: Bet 365 Sportsbook! Bet 365 is one of the leading online sportsbooks in the industry, so it is no surprise that this would be part of the best three online sportsbooks for football betting.

Bet 365 hosts different kinds of sports—football, of course, tennis, pool, cricket, motorsports, boxing, UFC, and more. With the variety of sports categories to choose from, truly, sports bettors would enjoy gambling here. Players can pick odds depending on their preferences. Its sports odds include Malay, Indonesian, Hongkong, American, and Indonesian.

It is proclaimed as the most comprehensive in-play service. Therefore, exciting promotions are also given to their adored sports enthusiasts. Some of its promotions include Goals Ahead Early Payout Offers, Each-Way First Goalscorers, and Bore Draw Money Back. These promotions help the fans level up their games, at the same time, maximize their betting experience when choosing the teams of their choice.

Top 3 Online Sportsbooks To Visit - For Football Fans


Bet 365 Sportsbook’s weakness would be its language. The website offers the English language only. For other foreign-language bettors who do not understand English, they would have a hard time visiting this sportsbook.

Since communication is key to everything, this must be Bet 365 Sportsbook’s disadvantage. Players could be drawn away to the website, instead of being attracted, if they are not familiarized with the language translation of the gaming website they are opening.

Bet Anytime And Anywhere With These Online Sportsbooks

The mentioned superb online game operators by W88you are legitimized, so there is no need to worry about your security and protection. You can access these sites via desktop, laptop, or even through mobile phones so your gambling pursuits are achievable already! Pick these three convenient sportsbook operators, start your bets, and make the most your dollars now!

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