Strategies and Tips to Remember When Playing Keno

Draw games like lottery and keno are popular among several gamblers. It highly corresponds to luck and chance where even the player cannot control the generated outcome. What makes Keno different from other casino and draw games is that it offers bigger jackpots. This essentially means that the less you bet on the maximum total of numbers, the more chances of your payout lessening.

What are common strategies used when betting in Keno?

Let the Old Man Chase You


The bettor plays on numbers that haven’t manifested in draws in recent games.


Chase the Old Man

The bettor places a wager on numbers which have appeared in recent results.

Play It Again

The bettor recovers a discarded losing ticket from a prior round. The bettor then replays the numbers on the said ticket.

Successive Numbers

The bettor places a wager on consecutive sets of numbers.

Let It Ride

The better bets on the same numbers over several Keno “races”.

Keno is also known for being a game with some of the lowest player’s odds and the highest house edge. The following are some tips players can make use of when playing Keno in a micro gaming – no deposit casino.

Useful tips to remember when playing online Keno

1. Explore Casinos Online

Although Keno is also popular in live casinos, it is more profitable when played virtually. Playing Keno online gives you leeway to play in games with higher payout percentages. Even so, this statement doesn’t necessarily translate to all casinos online. Thus, the importance of exploring the internet for better options that will offer you more value for your time and money.

2. Take Advantage of the Free Game Button!


If you are a beginner at online gaming, then playing the trial or free session games of Keno is a good way to begin your journey. The free trial modes help amateur players to get used to the actual mechanics of the game while providing them room for trial and error in terms of pace and strategy. Once you get the feel of the game, then playing with real money is the next step.

3. Bet on no more than 6 numbers and play with real money

If there’s one take away new Keno player can get from this tip, it’s to keep in mind that their odds lessen every time they bet on more numbers. Sticking to only 6 numbers help create a balance when placing wagers on numbers. Many players tend to think that the more numbers they pick, the better their chances of winning.

4. Ease your game by playing the multi-race card

Several micro gaming sites have the feature called a multi-race card. Players are encouraged to make use of this feature since it saves them the trouble of having to input the same set of numbers they play within each round. If you have lucky numbers you constantly use per round, by using the multi-race card, you are able to bet on those same numbers with just a click.

5. Let the game be random, just not your strategy in Keno

Playing with random numbers is risky if you aim to win a rather big amount. Thus, consistency is vital for when you play your lucky numbers in a round of Keno. Play it smart, stick to the basics and remember to follow the rules.

Keno for Amateurs and Beginners: Don’t Sweat It!

Playing Keno online is not rocket science; anyone can learn it in a swoop. As long as you know how to select numbers, place bets and read proper payout percentages then you’re good to go. Online Keno is present in many online casinos and lotteries. W88 is one of the many game operators that carry a variety of draw games. Visit W88 today to see how far you’ll go at online Keno.

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